In their most recent 360 Magazine, Steelcase focuses on the “office renaissance” – a movement seeking to redefine the corporate workplace so that it positively impacts people’s emotional, intellectual and physical wellbeing. They included an article about the fact that “people are actively rejecting this idea of corporate blandness…” and reinforcing the importance of being able to include our own unique personality in the workplace.

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With people making the shift back to working in the office, they are no longer content with uninspired work spaces that don’t meet their needs emotionally, physically or intellectually. They are looking for authentic and inspiring spaces where they have the autonomy to choose how and where to work each day. Organizations are listening and responding by creating destinations—thoughtfully curated spaces where people want to work.

While open plan workspaces optimize real estate, there are aspects of this layout that could be improved to help reduce distractions and increase productivity and personalization. And with creativity becoming a requirement for solving the complex and ever-changing problems we face at work, the idea of the office renaissance is more relevant than ever.

Providing people with a variety of spaces where they can focus, recharge and collaborate can help reduce mental stress and fatigue and increase creativity and productivity. Offering personalized spaces where people can have privacy contributes positively to emotional and cognitive wellbeing.

The idea is to redefine “corporate” workspaces so they celebrate individuality through personalization. This can include anything from small personal items to residential lounge style furniture and thoughtfully chosen accessories that speak to an organization’s brand.


People want to work in and are more engaged with spaces that they feel embody who they are individually and as part of their organization.

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