Demountable walls offer private spaces within an open floor plan

As a flexible alternative to traditional construction, movable and demountable walls have become commonplace in the built environment. In our world of constant change, businesses no longer have to choose between visual/acoustical privacy and the freedom of flexibility.

Modular office walls deliver superior acoustical performance for increased productivity. These wall systems also offer significant time and cost savings during the initial construction phase and over the lifetime of the space, as they enable easy reconfigurations when business needs change.

Demountable walls let in natural light, creating a transparent aesthetic within open plan environments. With low trim options and butt glazing, you can create an elegant, streamlined aesthetic.

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Technology Integration

One of the key advantages of using demountable walls is the ability to seamlessly integrate displays, videoconferencing cameras, projectors and LED lighting. Technology can be hung on glass walls, or housed within solid wall systems. As technology rapidly evolves, these wall systems can keep up.

Advantages Over Traditional Construction

demountable walls versus traditional construction


April 27, 2017

Walls 101: Demountable, Movable or Traditional

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January 3, 2020

5 Questions to help you find the right demountable wall

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July 10, 2018

A glossary of terms for demountable wall systems

Demountable wall systems, also called movable walls, are incredible solutions for creating flexible enclosed environments that can adapt over time. With these products come a number of terms that you may or may not be familiar with. We created this handy glossary of terms to help you better understand the nuances of these solutions and…

April 18, 2017

5 Private space ideas with movable walls

Enclosed private spaces are a necessity for any workplace, and movable walls offer the perfect framework to support focused work and rejuvenation. THE CHALLENGE The rise of the open floorplan created challenges for many employees. Did you know that we are interrupted every 3 minutes at work, and it can take up to 23 minutes…

April 11, 2017

6 Collaborative Space Ideas with Demountable Walls

Enclosed collaborative spaces are a must-have for any workplace, and demountable walls are the perfect framework to support creative teamwork. The rise of the open plan created some issues for employees who crave privacy for collaborating and focusing as a group. While open plan areas can support quick interactions and short meetings, teams are more…

April 4, 2017

10 Things to consider when choosing a movable wall system

Movable, or demountable wall systems have a number of advantages over traditional construction, including the flexibility to reconfigure your space, superior acoustic privacy, and technology integration. So how do you choose the right system for you? Read through our 10 considerations: 1. Reconfigurability | How often do you plan to reconfigure your space? If you…

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March 31, 2015

Workplace privacy – more than 4 walls & a door!

What do you think of when you think of workplace privacy? I’m guessing it’s either your headphones or 4 walls and a door? And on some level you’d be right as that’s how we’ve traditionally handled privacy in the workplace. But with the continued prevalence of the open plan office, new ways to mitigate privacy…

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November 20, 2019

Escaping the noise

With at least 70% of organizations embracing the open office plan and people spending more than half their day working with others, it’s safe to say the workplace is a bit noisy. Modern design trends that include exposed ceilings and minimalist aesthetics add to how noise can reverberate and carry throughout a large space. Sure,…

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