Increasingly, the work café is the visual focal point of the workplace and the social hub where employees can relax, rejuvenate and connect. No longer is the “lunchroom” relegated to the back office… dark, dreary and depressing. SapientNitro’s new Miami workplace is a prime example of how a company has committed to a compelling employee experience that is energetic, innovative and where the industry’s top talent are excited to work.

The work café is the visual focal point and social hub where employees can fuel up with a latte served by a full time barista, chat over lunch or relax after work with a cold beer. Sapient’s mobile workplace strategy, “Work is where you are,” drives the space design. With 25% of their team working at client sites and only touching down at “the Grove” 1-2 times per week, there was a transition from private offices to benching applications. As such, it became clear that a lively and social hub was essential for employees to reconnect and interact.

“In our increasingly mobile working world, it is a challenge for companies to bring employees together,” observes John Small, Director of Industrial Design, EMEA at Steelcase. “The WorkCafé provides a central location for creative exchange and innovation. Employees thus find the coffee shop vibe with the functionality of a well-planned office that has the qualities of becoming a new favorite workplace.”

While productivity used to be measured by time spent at a desk, those days are gone. With work being increasingly flexible and mobile, the office has to adapt. According to current Steelcase research, “employees worldwide desire greater flexibility in the choice of working environment, depending on the task and their personal sensibility.” Choosing where to work enhances employee productivity, motivation and engagement and a thoughtfully designed café space can incorporate settings for collaboration, focus work and socialization. And even better when people can find the right space within a vibrant office environment!

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Image: © IA Interior Architects