Post-COVID workplace re-entry checklist in real-time

In the new Steelcase 360 Magazine entitled “Think Better” there’s an article called, “Igniting a Sense of Start-up Culture”. We…

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startup culture

How to re-ignite a startup culture.

In the new Steelcase 360 Magazine entitled “Think Better” there’s an article called, “Igniting a Sense of Start-up Culture”. We…

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Robots in the workspace?

In May I had the privilege of visiting the MIT Media Lab with Hasier Larrea. Hasier is a freshly minted graduate…

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Neuroscience: The new competitive advantage

In workplaces throughout the world, scenarios of near-constant distraction have become the norm. Thankfully, our ability to focus is still…

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Maine Startup & Create Week

Downtown Portland is buzzing with energy as attendees participate in Maine Startup & Create Week. Our own Stephanie Brock, Business…

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Glossary of office furniture terms

At Red Thread we work with small start-ups on up to Fortune 500 companies. We well know that not every…

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Neocon 2015 winners

Best of NeoCon 2015 winners!

We are proud to announce that Steelcase companies took home four Best of NeoCon awards. Innovative and insight-led products Brody…

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Networking basics

Networking basics for all generations!

The idea of walking into a business networking event or conference can be exciting and stressful. As the person responsible…

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answer desk system

The ANSWER for workstations

5 Reasons why Answer, Steelcase’s best-selling desk system, is your workstation solution. Imagine you’re buying a car. Any car you look…

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office planning ideas

Top 8 considerations when planning strategic workplaces.

So, deep down you know that it’s time for a new workplace. Your employee count has doubled over the past…

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employee engagement

What are highly engaged employees saying about the workplace?

As a follow up to Gallup’s Worldwide Engagement Survey, the Steelcase research team conducted a small study with Ipsos to explore…

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Team Red Thread runs the Ragnar Relay!

Want to test your limits as an integrated team? Then definitely sign up for a Ragnar Relay! For the second…

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ISO 14001

Technology group achieves ISO 14001 certification!

WHAT IS ISO 14001? ISO 14001 outines the criteria for an Environmental Management System and maps out an effective framework…

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