As we enter the new year and reflect on what an unpredictable year it’s been, we’re looking forward to seeing what trends and topics will be top of mind for 2021.

In the past year, organizations have had to completely shift gears and thinking about a primary work from home strategy compared to an office-first approach. Workplace leaders everywhere were challenged with how to best prepare their offices for employees to return in waves.

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From hacking home offices to sanitation stations and office temperature checks, our top 10 blogs of 2020 reveal how much of a transformation workplace safety considerations and company culture has undergone.

  1. Swipe Left or Right: How to Find the Right Chair for You

Ergonomics, comfort, and the overall aesthetic should all be top of mind when considering where you’ll be sitting in all day. But buying office chairs online is a lot like dating online – it’s tough to move forward without physically seeing your options. We break down the best office chairs to determine which one is best for you.

  1. Post-COVID technology solutions

This infographic shows technology in the workplace that provides collaboration anywhere in addition to technology considerations that promote safety at work. These technologies provide visibility and notifications at the management and employee level, building a company culture of wellbeing, transparency, and trust.

  1. RapidEntry streamlines office temperature checks automatically

There are several ways to conduct office temperature checks manually, but an automated system can seamlessly screen people as they enter the building naturally. This infographic shows how RapidEntry by Red Thread exceeds each recommendation from the CDC when it comes to office temperature checks.

  1. Quiz: is your company ready for workplace re-entry?

There are many other aspects to a return to workplace checklist that might not be on your radar. To help workplace leaders evaluate their workplace re-entry readiness, we created this short 8 question yes/no quiz.

  1. How to choose the best hand sanitation station for your workplace

Choosing the best hand sanitation set up for your space can be overwhelming. We created a Hand Sanitization Stations Lookbook featuring 15 brands to serve as an inspirational resource as you explore sanitation stations to provide sanitation supplies throughout your space.

  1. The relationship between workplace density, space, and company culture

Organizations may be asking themselves questions like: since we consider ourselves to have a progressive culture and space and that we often meet in open collaboration areas, will our loss of space be greater compared to an organization that has a classic culture with more individual workstations? We explore this workplace density question and review the percent of seating loss for three different cultural floor plans: classic, balanced, and progressive.

  1. Post-COVID workspace considerations

Businesses are looking for the most economical, actionable plan that accommodates social distancing requirements within their existing furniture and space design. This infographic illustrates density, geometry, and division considerations for your office space planning post-COVID.

  1. Furniture solutions for working from home

Say goodbye to the neck, shoulder, and back pain you may be experiencing on the couch and hello to proper ergonomic design. The Steelcase Store has several great options that ship in 1-3 weeks! This roundup of home office furniture includes chairs, desks, tables, and tools available on the Steelcase Store.

  1. Is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs included in your post-COVID workplace re-entry plan?

Workplace re-entry requires a comprehensive set of protocols, processes, and modifications to the work environment. To start thinking about employees re-entering from their point of view, we summarized a brief list of key recommendations from the CDC and OSHA that we believe relate to Maslow’s principles.

  1. Hacking your home office

Our number one blog post of 2020 helps those hacking their home offices. We offer key pointers on the best ways to get creative with what you have around the house for a healthier set up.

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