Recently, Red Thread completed construction of three V.I.A. rooms in our Boston space.

During the construction we used the opportunity to train some of our local installers and give our sales team a chance to look “under the hood” and see what makes V.I.A. demountable walls superior to other walls on the market. The following is what the team learned:

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Sense of permanence:
When you see the skeleton with the skins off you are quickly drawn to the structure and realize there is some substantial material underneath. The frames are made from a heavy gauge cold rolled steel with a powder coated finish, you grab it and feel the bones of the system – each wall is capable of supporting 750 lbs per side.

Superior acoustical performance:
Over this substantial framework you can visually see the seals the keep sound in and out. Seals at the floor with spring activation ensure a solid seal from the floor surface to the verticals. Horizontal seals on all the structure as well as seals at the ceiling and on the track illustrate why this demountable wall system has such a high acoustical rating.

• Sold Panels   52 STC
• Single Glazed – 1/4″ Tempered Glass   30 STC
• Single Glazed – 3/8″ Laminated Glass   34 STC
• Double Glaze – 1/4″ Tempered + 1/4″ Tempered 41 STC
• Double Glaze – 1/4″ Tempered + 3/8″ Tempered 44 STC

Technology integration:
Technology skins provide the brackets to hang displays and also provide integral power, data and AV solutions. Once the skins are off you can really see how technology has been integrated into the design – as opposed to being superficially applied to the surface.

This wall, unlike other wall systems on the market, can repeat this performance from the first install through the second or tenth install. Many systems still need to scribe panels to the floor which means that when the wall is relocated, it may require purchasing new skins to achieve the initial acoustical performance level.

photo 4Looking “under the hood” at V.I.A. really helps us understand why this truly is an exceptional demountable wall system.

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