The world of work is rapidly changing to keep up with globalization, evolving technologies, and changing work styles. In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, place matters more than ever.

Place shapes behavior and, over time, defines workplace culture. The power of place can help workers become more engaged and achieve greater well-being, while helping organizations amplify their performance. Developing an effective workplace strategy means rethinking place.

Our Tools are Different
We are using mobile technology, tablets, collaborative tools, high definition videoconferencing and others to work individually and with colleagues around the world.

Our Output is Different

In today’s knowledge economy, we are no longer expected to produce things, but to add-value through communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation. Our workplace strategy needs to adapt accordingly.

Our Stressors are Different

  • 37% of workers lose up to 30 minutes every day dealing with physical discomfort
  • Our senses receive 11M bits of information every second, but the conscious brain can effectively process only 40 bits of information, creating a privacy crisis
  • Workplace stress incurs $300 billion in costs annually

With regard to stress and productivity, focusing on employee engagement and wellbeing are critical components of a successful workplace strategy.


Explore the Interconnected Workplace – an ecosystem of spaces that promote choice and control over the places people work, with three key features:

  • Palette of Place: a range of owned and shared spaces designed for both individual work and team work
  • Palette of Posture: spaces designed to support movement
  • Palette of Presence: spaces that support mixed presence experiences, both physical and virtual, and analog and digital information-sharing

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