Integrated Interiors means taking a holistic approach to the workplace to create the best possible result. When furniture solutions, audiovisual technology and architectural products are integrated, it creates a dynamic, high-performing work environment. Layer in electrical and acoustical technology, flooring and custom solutions to ensure your space is smart and efficient.

animated visualization of integrated interiors

Why Integrated Interiors?

Thoughtfully integrated design up front
Streamlined implementation resulting in cost savings
You work with one vendor throughout the process

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See how the six segments of integrated interiors combine to create a flexible, holistic work environment.

1. Architectural Systems create flexible enclosed spaces that can adapt over time

2. Audiovisual Technology is thoughtfully integrated to support seamless productivity

3. Furniture supports collaboration, privacy and wellbeing throughout the floorplan

4. Custom Solutions offer economical options for storage lockers and much more

5. Flooring conceals power and data cabling and supports future reconfigurations

6. Technology solutions create ‘smart’ spaces with network cabling, lighting and acoustical solutions


By offering an ecosystem of spaces, your people can choose the best setting for them to do their best work, as well as remain engaged.


PRIVATE SPACES create focus and rejuvenation
– Private office
– Shared private office
– Enclaves
– Quiet Spaces


COLLABORATIVE SPACES support teamwork and creativity
– Informal Collaboration Areas
– Meeting + Training Spaces
– Team Spaces – TeamStudio


SOCIAL SPACES foster connections and support culture
– Lounges
– Work Cafes