The Reimagined Office by Red Thread

Now that a majority of employees have been working remotely for over a year, they have different expectations for what they want their work experience, and workplace, to look like. We know that 72% of people expect to return to a hybrid work environment (Steelcase Global Return to Workplace Study, 2021).

Organizations are looking for ways to engage and entice employees back to the office where they can feel safe and productive while innovating, collaborating, socializing and focusing alone. As a return to the office becomes a reality, it’s critical to find new ways to effectively collaborate in the open and enclosed plan and create an equitable experience for distributed teams. It’s not just about returning to the office, it’s about returning to something better.

Using Steelcase’s research-based design principles, we developed 6 concept spaces. Our Reimagined Office Virtual Tour weaves these 6 spaces among other workplace settings to create a “new normal” workplace.


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