From changing office environments to a multi-generational workforce, the global business landscape is evolving rapidly—and the workplace must adapt to meet our needs.

  • Workers have changed – baby boomers currently make up 50% of the workforce but by 2025, it will be 75% millennials!
  • Tools have changed – we now use mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones, and communicate remotely via videoconferencing.
  • Outputs have changed – to stay competitive, workplace culture needs to drive communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation.
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Understanding today’s audiovisual trends and learning what’s around the corner can help you create spaces that empower your people – both locally and around the globe.

Key workplace trends for the 21st century:

Attract + Retain
AV Trends
Brand + Culture

What's the solution for strategic workspaces?

Addressing today’s workplace trends and understanding that physical space can be your strategic asset are the first steps.

The “Resilient Workplace,” or thinking about your space as an ecosystem—one that supports the physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing of your people—is the next step. Ideally, a thoughtful ecosystem should offer a range, or palette, of places—destinations that balance spaces for group work with individual spaces for focus and reflection.

Giving people choice and control over where and how they work can help build employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity, as well as serve to optimize space and address generational differences.

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