Nothing manifests an organization’s brand like its workplace culture. “Go into any office in any part of the world and within minutes you can sense what that company is all about,” says Steelcase ARC Principal, John Hughes. “Everyone who comes into the work environment — customers, vendors, board members, new recruits, the media — the people a company most wants to influence, get a clear impression about the company: what it holds dear, how it operates, what it celebrates.”

Brand is no longer something you can apply to the surface of an organization—strong brands grow from within. The line between culture and brand is blurred, and if you want to change your brand, you need to consider whether your culture can support that change. The workplace is a frequently overlooked but critical lever in supporting brand and culture change, validated by a survey of 100+ corporate real estate leaders, conducted by CoreNet Global. The results show that 77% believe that brand is a critical driver for their business; yet only 15% said their facilities reflect their brand “very well.”